Radio Puertas y Puentes

Description of Radio Puertas y Puentes In San Carlos de Bariloche, in an imposing natural setting, where the magic of the landscape is confused with the call of nature, the human being is the center, object and motive of a set of activities whose fundamental goal is to accompany it in its evolutionary process . This process not only takes place within a framework of spirituality, but also accompanies us in the task of learning and life of the habitual, of everyday things, of affections, of reasoning, of struggles, of the ideals… An area where millennial teachings are shared and shared, experiential workshops, specialization courses in the area of ​​Astrology, astronomical observations, visits to energetic places … We are aware of the value of knowledge and the strength of communication. Puertas y Puentes, grows, modifies, generates projects and ideas and assumes as its own the proposals of those who approach. We try to be a space of life, and to create and recreate the interior spaces of those who listen to us.

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